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International Taxation

The progressing globalisation imposes on entrepreneurs a need to allow for tax consequences of actions they undertake in an international dimension. Skilful shaping of one’s business operation with use of international law, i.e. the European Union law, a network of agreements on avoiding double taxation concluded between the Republic of Poland and particular countries' internal legal systems, may result in benefits in the guise of a decrease in global taxation or one’s becoming liable for taxation in a particular country.

Our experts' consultancy services aim at provision of strong, substantive support for Polish entrepreneurs in their expansion in the international arena. On the other hand, we offer foreign investors to develop business structures optimal for their Polish operation as well as to generate real tax savings.

 An example scope of our services involves the following areas:

  • Running a tax efficient business operation in foreign territories of tax jurisdiction (via branches or subsidiaries);
  • Minimising tax on passive income: dividends, interest and royalty payments in the light of agreements on avoiding double taxation and the EU law;
  • Determination of domestic and international tax results of various forms of the taxpayer's sales of their assets – including shares, stocks, real estate and organised parts of the enterprise;
  • Determination of a taxation form for directors', managers', agents' and employees' pay (including issues pertaining to taxation of benefits with regard to hiring workforce);
  • Determination of a taxation form for managerial and employees' options;
  • Determination of tax results of lease and tooling agreements as well as agreements of delivery of services, including services relating to intangible assets.