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The services sector is the main driving force behind the Polish economy. As part of the services sector, the business process outsourcing market is continually expanding. Thanks to outsourcing of many business processes, companies may concentrate of their core business, with handling of processes necessary for their operation is entrusted to professionals.  

JP Weber team has competences enabling it to provide services to companies operating in the services sector, including those delivering BPO. We offer professional assistance entailing ongoing legal, tax and accounts services. We conduct analyses whose purpose is improvement of effectiveness or ensuring compliance with the legal regulations in force. We also offer comprehensive legal consultancy including areas such as labour law. By using our services, companies' increase their competitiveness and gain an opportunity to improve their business performance.  

Our consultancy entails all legal, tax and transaction-related issues which pertain to the BPO sector, including most notably the following:  

  • Ongoing legal, tax, HR and payroll services in compliance with local accounts and tax regulations;
  • Ensuring substantive support in the area of comparison of the local legalities against the regulations in force in the Client's country of origin;
  • Comprehensive development of the internal reporting system;
  • Services related to the company's advanced financial analysis;
  • Optional co-operation in the area of maintaining accounts, as co-sourcing;
  • Ongoing monitoring of tax settlements' correctness;
  • Ongoing consultancy in the area of existing and planned undertakings in terms of optimal legal and tax-related structure;
  • Comprehensive support by specialists with regard to staff hiring and employee tenure processes, enabling optimisation of activities between internal HR departments and the entity responsible for pay settlements and HR administration;
  • Support and consultancy in implementation of remuneration systems in mind with optimal solutions for employers and employees within the framework of the legal regulations in force;
  • Substantive support in dealings with trade unions and in the area of ongoing interpretation of regulations;
  • Representing Clients at every stage of proceedings before common and administrative courts as well as public administration institutions.

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