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Real Estate

JP Weber's Real Estate practice comprises of a team of highly qualified specialists and managers with extensive substantive knowledge accompanied by many years' hands-on experience gained while executing a range of real estate-related projects.  

Our Real Estate team provides consultancy of the highest professional standard delivered by the best specialists in the real estate business, based on extensive experience which they gained while handling transactions and tasks related exclusively to real estate or those pertaining to multidisciplinary projects, such as:  infrastructural investments, execution and preparation of construction projects as public-private partnerships, comprehensive construction project agreements, renewable energy or M&A transactions.  

Our consultancy entails all legal, tax and transaction-related issues which pertain to the real estate market, including most notably the following:  

  • Developing and modelling real estate-related transaction structure with risk analysis, in mind with all legal and financial aspects,
  • Support for Clients at all project stages, including those related to raising funds for the transaction,
  • Consultancy in the area of purchase and sale of real estate, including drawing up, negotiating and evaluating agreements as well as consultancy at the agreement implementation stage,
  • Consultancy in the area of commercialisation of real estate
  • Analysis of the legal status of real estate and consultancy in the area of optimal removal of negative outcomes of such analyses,
  • Consultancy in establishment and removal of encumbrances of real estate, including limited property rights,
  • Consultancy in all civil law and administration law aspects related to development of real estate,
  • Consultancy in the area of real estate management and putting it to business use
  • Supporting and representing Clients in all processes and activities related to obtaining the necessary permits, agreements and administrative decisions.
  • Legal and organisational services in the process of real estate purchase from public entities, including development projects related to obtaining the permit for business operation in a      special economic zone;
  • Representing Clients at every stage of proceedings before common and administrative courts as well as public administration bodies, related to the real estate and the investment process.