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Public Sector

The Polish public sector's tasks, regulated by systemic legal acts, are characterised by considerable complexity and a need for undertaking long-term actions.

Unfortunately, the need for running projects according to specific procedures results in inefficiency and lack of timeliness in many areas of Polish administration. This is why it is so important to streamline management through introduction of organisational changes with regard to management of internal operational procedures and finance, orientated towards improvement of efficiency and increasing social confidence in the state administration.

The public sector units, along with the EU requirements, are involved in modern, multi-threaded projects where they are often in need for support.  

JP Weber offers to Clients hailing from the public sector a range of services tailored to their needs and requirements. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists has experience in implementation of corrective and restructuring schemes for various entities including health care facilities. We develop business plans which ensure improvement of organisation effectiveness. We have a history of numerous successful denationalisation projects. We also offer to public organisations economic and legal consultancy facilitating their operation. 

We offer the following services to enterprises operating in the public sector:  

  • Consultancy in execution of public-private partnership projects;
  • Support in development and implementation of corrective and restructuring schemes;
  • Comprehensive service in the area of denationalisation projects;
  • Identification and review of optimal methods of project fund raising;
  • Support in organising and conducting tenders, together with preparation for the entire negotiation process;
  • Conducting audits and financial analyses;
  • Development of companies' and public institutions' value estimates;
  • Ongoing legal and tax consultancy;
  • Developing documentation and procedures in the area of public order proceedings.

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