Knowing facts, processes & people


As far as the manufacturing sector is concerned, Poland is one of the most competitive countries worldwide and within the coming years its competitiveness is expected to increase, which creates further opportunities for investors.  

JP Weber's team of experts has knowledge and many years' experience with regard to delivery of services to investors operating in the manufacturing sector. We are aware of the challenges which entrepreneurs have to face and what the market will look like in the future. We have already delivered many diverse projects in the field of manufacturing; therefore we know what needs to be paid particular attention to. Our Clients may expect professional service in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, direct investments and ongoing handling legal and tax-related issues. We have many years' experience in providing services to manufacturers hailing from all over the world.  

We offer the following services to enterprises operating in the manufacturing sector:  

  • Comprehensive support in the process of planning and development of manufacturing facilities;
  • Market analysis;
  • Developing transaction structure, in mind with tax and financial aspects as well as risk assessment;
  • Accurate planning, establishing milestones and deadlines as well as reviewing the investment's principles;
  • Preparation of the property's development process and its consecutive stages;
  • Assessment of the project's direct costs as well as its follow-up costs;
  • Support for Clients related to raising finance for the development project as well as development of business plans and other documentation at all project stages;
  • Support and handling of land and developed property purchase transactions;
  • Organisation of tenders for architects / general contractors;
  • Taking over management of the building permit process;
  • Developing documentation as well as economic and technical principles;
  • Ongoing legal, tax, accounts as well as HR and payroll-related support;
  • Supervision over correctness of tax settlements and account books;
  • Drawing up reports for the Supervisory Board members;
  • Support in the area of personnel recruitment and obtaining work permits in the event of hiring employees from outside the EU;
  • Substantive support in dealings with trade unions and in the area of ongoing interpretation of legal regulations;
  • Comprehensive consultancy in restructuring projects;
  • Operational consultancy in the area of improving enterprise and manufacturing effectiveness.