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IT & Telecommunication

Underpinned by new technologies, the Polish IT and telecommunications sector is developing rapidly. The growth of IT and telecoms forces the industry's businesses to undergo incessant changes and develop flexible organisational structures. With telecoms' services quickly becoming commonplace, companies are being provided with tools for continual development but also faced with a need for optimisation so that they can concentrate on their core business.  

JP Weber team perfectly understands the IT and telecommunications sector's specificity. We offer you professional services which allow running business operations flexibly, by outsourcing some of your business processes. We also offer ongoing tax and legal consultancy as well as maintaining accounts. Moreover, our experts have experience in reorganising business operations.  

To IT and telecommunications businesses, we deliver services most notably including:  

  • Market analysis and support in projects related to entering the Polish market;
  • Improvement of organisational efficiency and process optimisation;
  • Support in M&A projects;
  • Ongoing accounts, HR and payroll-related consultancy;
  • Consultancy in the area of drawing up financial statements in compliance with IFRS;
  • Accounts audits and reports for executives;
  • Ongoing operational consultancy (improvement of effectiveness, streamlining business processes, operational restructuring, cost optimisation);
  • Drawing up and negotiating agreements of delivery, service and maintenance of IT systems as well as drawing up and evaluating licence agreements and computer software copyright transfer agreements;
  • Consultancy in the area of software application in IT projects;
  • Representing Clients at every stage of proceedings before common and administrative courts as well as public administration institutions;
  • Legal consultancy in the area of personal data protection;
  • Tax consultancy in the area of IT technologies.