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Finance & Insurance

The financial and insurance market is characterised by a considerable development potential and significant commitment on the part of foreign investors. It is the insurance market that over the last 10 years has seen rapid growth with the rising number of insurance companies and the expanding portfolio of products offered.  

Companies operating on the financial and insurance market should pay particular attention to the legal considerations of their business.  

JP Weber team's competences allow it to provide businesses hailing from the financial and insurance market with unique tax, legal or transaction-related consultancy services. We offer forms of assistance including comprehensive legal and tax support with regard to companies' basic business operation. We also carry out audits assessing the degree of companies' compliance with legal regulations the currently in force. The terms of co-operation are always optimally adjusted to the Client's requirements.  

The scope of our competences includes the following:

  • AML - development of procedures and ongoing delivery of tasks in the area of preventing money laundering and financing terrorism;
  • Adjusting internal regulations to the requirements of MiFID, EMIR and other relevant directives;
  • Correct fulfilment of duties in the area of risk management;
  • Consultancy in the area of calculating capital requirements;
  • Developing individual models for evaluating internal capitals in order to optimise capital requirements;
  • Representing business entities before Polish and foreign regulatory authorities, including official correspondence / reporting obligations;
  • Ongoing consultancy services in the area of regulatory compliance of financial institutions including brokerage houses, trust fund societies and banks;
  • Conducting cyclic internal audits as well as ad hoc audits;
  • Audit and consultancy in the area of reporting and accounts;
  • Comprehensive handling capital transactions, partner identification and transaction modelling;
  • Support in restructuring projects (analysis, unit reorganisation plan, actions orientated towards business partners, risk assessment).

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