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Energy & infrastructure

The Energy and Infrastructure practice comprises of experts boasting experience and substantive knowledge obtained while delivering infrastructure and energy-related projects. 

The scope of our consultancy constitutes a full spectrum of issues - from the investment or transaction planning phase, through restructuring project execution and its financing, to the complete project implementation - JP Weber supports investors across the entire undertaking. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained as well co-operation with recognized experts and academic institutions, JP Weber also guarantees support in all technical and environmental aspects.  

It is worth emphasizing that JP Weber's previous co-operation with local government units, orientated towards delivery of infrastructure and energy-related projects, has run smoothly and without disturbance. Thanks to their contact networks, flexibility and negotiating skills, the members of our team successfully win favour with local government bodies as well as secure their support, indispensable in terms of delivery of such undertakings.  

For entities operating in the energy and infrastructure sector, we offer services which include most notably the following:  

  • Continual and detailed monitoring of projects undertaken and developers;
  • Identification and analysis of locations and designs;
  • Ongoing monitoring of proposed legal changes;
  • Analysis of project profitability;
  • Energy audits of existing facilities and support in the area of energy optimisation;
  • Developing and modelling transaction structure, in mind with legal and financial aspects;
  • Support in investment projects' fund raising processes (debt financing, EU subsidies, financial investors);
  • Consultancy in the area of investment as public-private partnership projects;
  • Comprehensive legal support in new and modernisation-orientated investments;
  • Consultancy in the area of obtaining indispensable agreements and decisions as well as negotiating with public institutions;
  • Legal support in designing, negotiating and implementation of agreements with regard to sale, piping or transmission and distribution of fuels or energy as well as agreements of connection to distribution networks;
  • Comprehensive supervision over execution of investment projects,

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