Interdisciplinary thinking

Transaction Advisory Services

The transaction process combines a variety of legal, tax-related and financial issues. Bearing in mind the Client's perspective, as well as the transaction's effectiveness, JP Weber's single team, consisting of tax advisors, lawyers and transaction advisors, provides indispensable competence while focusing its operation on all elements of the transaction in hand.

Our Transaction Advisory Services JP Weber team's actions are orientated first and foremost towards attaining the defined business goals. While supporting our Clients, we strive to use the knowledge and experience which we have gained with a view to creating the highest possible added value. We also pay attention to risks and consequences related to delivery of the consecutive project stages and we recommend solutions which allow minimising risks while attaining the goals defined within the entire scope of the project or transaction.

As the Transaction Advisory Services practice, we provide interdisciplinary handling of transactions, most notably in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive and business-like approach to the transaction;
  • Identification of potential takeover-ready entities (for buy side transactions) as well as potential investors interested in acquisition (sell side transactions);
  • Conducting talks and negotiations at all stages of the process;
  • Developing optimal conceptions, guaranteeing transaction security in legal and tax terms;
  • Optimising the transaction's financial structure, in mind with appropriate financial instruments;
  • Support and consultancy in the area of establishment of transaction terms and price evaluation;
  • Support for the selling party before and in the course of the sale process in the area of managing buyer relations;
  • Drawing up the legal, tax and financial due diligence report with regard to the company's condition;
  • Coordinating operations pertaining to the due diligence process for sell side transactions;
  • Drawing up the investment agreement and full documentation necessary to perform the transaction closing.

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