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Consultancy in the area of capital restructuring of companies and capital groups, both domestic and international, is one of JP Weber's main areas of operation. We support Clients through assessment of their operation, development of recommendations for changes as well as implementation of strategies orientated towards increasing their operational profitability and attaining streamlining goals.

JP Weber boasts a seasoned tax consultancy team, investment consultancy team and a team of experienced accountants. Moreover, the firm co-operates with many foreign investors, which makes it possible for us to deliver a much wider range of services and offer solutions in the area of restructuring unattainable by other law firms, particularly in the areas of mergers and takeovers, dividing companies, sale of companies or their organised parts as well as conversion of debts to shares.

The restructuring team offers services including the following:

  • Analysis of the company's standing in financial, operational and business terms;
  • Review and assessment of the company's market position;
  • Development of restructuring plans, entailing both short-term improvement of money flows and permanent profitability regain;
  • Consultancy in the company's capital structure;
  • Supervision over management of money flows under restructuring;
  • Support in the event of a need for trade debt retrieval.

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