Interdisciplinary thinking

Doing Business in Poland

While expanding into new markets, it is vital to obtain appropriate support in the target country. The Doing Business in Poland practice involves a team of JP Weber specialists which provides interdisciplinary support to foreign companies intending to begin their operation on the Polish market and offers services to businesses already in the course of their operation in our country. Our many years' experience in delivery of services to foreign investors, hailing both from the manufacturing and services sectors, allows us to provide services which will ensure the Client’s undertaking's success.

The aim of the Doing Business in Poland experts is to provide multifaceted support so that the investor can focus exclusively on implementation and delivery of their business goals. That includes, most notably, the following:

  • Analysis and assessment of the investment in mind with its legal and business aspects;
  • Development of business plans and strategies with a view to entering the Polish market;
  • Comprehensive legal handling of the investment process;
  • Consultancy in the area of selection of a form of business operation;
  • Comprehensive support in property acquisition and development;
  • Support for investors in the area of raising funds for the undertaking;
  • Ongoing legal, tax, accounts as well as HR and payroll services;
  • Support in employee recruitment;
  • Supervision over correctness of tax settlements and account books;
  • Administrative services as part of Shared Service.