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International Customers

International Clients require international standards. Over 90% of our Clients run businesses involving foreign capital, none the less their owners and holding companies, apart from commissioning to us local services for the Clients and their management boards, entrust us with delivery of Poland-based strategic projects and transactions.

Almost all of our partners, managers and lawyers graduated higher education institutions abroad or have experience in work for international companies, thanks to which they boast not only a substantive background but also have cultural competences, which are indispensable in relations with foreign Clients.

Due to that, all of our departments operate within the framework of language-oriented teams, which provide interdisciplinary services to our Clients.

Thanks to this method of organisation, the Client works with a single manager assigned to them as a contact person, who most importantly knows the Client themselves as well as their culture and language.  Furthermore, the person in charge coordinates the team and integrates relevant specialists in a way that ensures effective execution of a given project with a guarantee of professional service.

There are currently three so-called Language-Desks at JP Weber, whose names reflect our most important Clients' countries of origin:

  • German Desk
  • Korean Desk
  • Polish Champions

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