Obligation to update information reported to the CRBR within 7 days of the change


The original deadline for filing with the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries expired on 17 July 2020. We point out that in the event of a change in the information submitted to the CRBR, companies are required to update the information submitted to the register, within 7 days of the change. The deadline is very short. Therefore, in the case of changes to, among others, the board of directors or ownership structure of a company, it should always be considered whether such a change affects the timeliness of information in the CRBR.

If a company makes

  • Changes to the Management Board
  • Changes in the ownership structure
  • Company changes
  • Changes of seat
  • Changes in organisational form

- the information in the CRBR may need to be updated within 7 days of the change. 

Newly established companies must be reported to the CRBR within 7 days of registration in the KRS

All these obligations apply to companies:

1)      General partnership

2)      Limited partnership

3)      Limited joint-stock partnership

4)      sp. z o. o.

5)      S.A.

Failure to comply with the obligations to report information required by the regulations to CRBR within the statutory deadline may result in the imposition of a fine of up to PLN 1 million on the company.

How can we help you?

In case of doubts concerning the obligations related to reporting to CRBR:

  • We will analyse the necessity of filing a declaration
  • We will indicate whether it is necessary to update the declaration already submitted
  • We will help you overcome technical problems related to submitting or updating information to the CRBR

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