SAS Advisors and JP Weber won for Classen a grant from NCRD for an innovative production project


The team of SAS Advisors, supported by JP Weber, has obtained for Classen-Pol, a manufacturer of door leaves, frames and skirting boards, a grant from the National Centre for Research and Development for research and development works on the most innovative adjustable frame manufacturing line on the market. The total value of the project amounts to over PLN 27 million, of which about PLN 11 million is a subsidy from NCRD.  

  • The project will be implemented under the POIR Sub-measure 1.1.1 Industrial research and development works implemented by enterprises, Competition 6/1.1.1/2019, Fast Path.
  • The total value of eligible costs of the project amounts to PLN 27 048 685.81. The value of co-financing from European funds amounts to PLN 10 819 474.32.

The result of the project will be increased automation of the doorframe production process. Thanks to it, Classen-Pol will be able not only to ensure the high efficiency of doorframe production control, but also to offer customers the highest quality product on the market.  

"We are a perfect example that even in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, which has almost completely frozen the global economy, it is not only possible, but also necessary to act and carry out research and development projects. Thanks to the funding from NCRD, we not only develop our own company, protect our employees’ jobs, but also have a positive impact on the Polish economy”. - says Maciej Górecki, CEO at Classen-Pol.  

“Thanks to the support from NCRD, our competitive advantage will significantly increase. We will be able to carry out the orders of the customers of regulated frames more flexibly than before and thus react even more dynamically to the market demand, through quick changes in the assortment and through increasing the production volume". - Jaroslaw Dymek, the Proxy in Classen-Pol.  

"The fact that in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, companies think not only about short-term rescue support, but also about long-term development is great information for all of Poland’s economy. The processes of obtaining EU funds are not simple, but it is genuinely possible to effectively reconcile the conditions of a particular project with the expectations of the institutions granting the funding, in such a way that it constitutes a real added value and not a rigid corset of bureaucratic constraints imposed on company development plans". - says Łukasz Pupek, Managing Partner at SAS Advisors.


"Many clients nowadays require comprehensive rescue care: from finances, through restructuring, law, taxes, to public aid. But there are others, too, and Classen is a great example of this, who despite the difficulties looked boldly to the future. EU funds can be the perfect answer to both." - adds Piotr Dalak, Associate Partner in JP Weber consulting company.

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