Individuality | Proactiveness & Team play

HR philosophy

We work with people and we work for people. We believe that our success can be attributed to one factor – our team, which is the source of our services' quality.

We are a continually developing, ambitious and successful team built on some of the biggest talent in the line of business.

We support this development by building a business culture based on trust and mutual respect, at every level of co-operation. We inspire each other to tap our full potential.

The JP Weber team consists of professionals in the following areas:

  • economics
  • finance
  • taxes
  • law
  • project management

All of them are fluent in English and/or German.

Apart from professional qualifications, no less important to our team's success are soft competences – commitment, the ability to push ourselves forward, self-reliance, a sense of responsibility, effective time and task management, well developed communication skills as well as the ability to motivate ourselves and others.

Work and delivery of projects should bring satisfaction and pleasure at the same time – if this condition is met, we can attain more for ourselves, the company and our Clients.

We also know that the realities and conditions around us are changing; priorities can change as well. Our policy is "work-life balance"– we support our employees at various stages of their professional and private lives so that they can reconcile both spheres to mutual benefit and as effectively as it is possible.

We do not promise that every day will be pleasant and stress-free; our line of business is a demanding one – but we work in a culture where the basis is mutual support, orientation towards co-operation and one where joint responsibility is an obvious demand. In other words – we work together to deliver optimal solutions for our Clients.